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New Vive owner here too

PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 11:39 pm
by Robert
I have to say the FlyInside software works amazingly well for Dan being so early into it. Very pleased!

I am on 1.5 and get the black flashes if I have too much scenery detail and such. But turn it down a little and it smooths right out.

Found one thing for anyone capturing video, though. Compare frame rates using the FlyInside mirror view and the SteamVR mirror view. For me the SteamVR mirror view had less impact. Just a heads up.

Damn I do like the Vive though. Flying was the whole reason I got into VR but from when my Vive arrived until tonight when I started setting up FlyInside with it, I've been gaping at schools of luminous fish and jellyfish, fighting alien droids, playing with a robot dog, failing at repairing robots, painting in 3D, etc. Things have really come a long way!