HTC Vive Questions, Current Oculus DK2 user

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HTC Vive Questions, Current Oculus DK2 user

Postby fuzzysb » Tue Jun 07, 2016 8:55 am

So as the title states, i have just ordered a HTC vive from currys of all places which is slated for delivery at the end of june.

however i am curious how people have been getting on with it and fly inside P3D. i see stuff about flickering dislplay which is concerning, however i am currently using a AMD FX9590 with a stable overclock to 5ghz on all cores (needs a beast of a cooling solution to get there. currently running 420mm and 240mm radiators and under load am hitting 60 deg max in this hot weather with ambient room temps of 35deg C). so the question is has the flickering only been affecting Intel users?

and for those of you who came from DK2 how good is the Vive in comparison? I like the DK2 but with fly inside its like flying a plane for real without glasses when you are shortsighted. i am looking forward to the Vive but am wondering if its worth the price as Flyinside is my main activity to practice my PPL training exercises.
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