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Postby mattl103 » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:51 am

Hey, i got i7 6700 and gtx 1070 . What settings should i apply to the game? And what fps should i get? coz im getting under 90.
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Re: Fps

Postby admin » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:49 pm

It really depends upon your settings. If you press "interact" you'll see the FlyInside Tag appear which contains two FPS values like "FPS: 40/90". The second value is async timewarp, you want this to stay at 90 or very close. The first value is simulator frame-rate, which is really up to you. Higher frame-rates feel smoother, but you can also turn up graphics and fly with lower ones. I would recommend that you adjust graphics so that the first number is 50+, and the second number ~90

To increase frame-rate:
1. Make sure you are opted into SteamVR Beta.
2. Make sure you have the very latest NVIDIA drivers. There was a driver performance bug that was patched recently
3. Turn off vehicle and air traffic entirely. These can be a big performance hit
4. Turn down scenery complexity

Once you have a frame-rate you are happy with, start turning up the settings you care about most, to achieve a balance you are happy with. Then, experiment with increasing clarity by turning up resolution and MSAA from FlyInside Settings.

Hope that helps :) It really is about playing around and finding the balance you enjoy most between graphics level and FPS
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Re: Fps

Postby SharkusAurelius » Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:09 am

Achieving 90fps in FSX is a monumental task on a flat screen, let alone with stereo projection and rendering. The fact Dan's program works so damn well continues to blow my mind.

I've opted to turn "always on reprojection" on in the SteamVR developer settings menu. It's sub-optimal, but unless you are flying nap of the Earth the smoothness of reprojected 45fps is preferable to the intermittent frame drops and stutters. Given I'm on an i5 @ 4.4ghz, I have a feeling newer i7s are getting noticeably better framerates in FSX, as well as any single-core intensive sims.

Dan's suggestions are spot on (coming from a guy who has been tweaking FSX since its original release). Start with low settings to achieve your desired framerate and start pushing up settings and testing until you achieve a balance that works. If you are still getting headache-inducing stutters try the always on reprojection and see if that improves your experience at all.
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