Mind blown + motion sickness + big issues with sharpness

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Mind blown + motion sickness + big issues with sharpness

Postby MichaelOnAir » Thu Jul 28, 2016 4:22 am

Hey guys,

yesterday it was christmas for me. I bought my HTC Vive. After the tutorial I had to try to fly with this thing. With Flyinside the experience was mind blowing.
After taking off with a Cirrus SR22T and a not so smooth landing (after that first one my landings were even worse :? ), I went crazy, jumped into a F-22 and made my flight through the Grand Canyon.
And there it was, my first VR motion sickness. :D

After a short break, I tried out some other planes, but I always had one big issue: the sharpness with cockpit instruments. I can't read them. No heading, speed, altitude... nothing. I have to go so close like I am shortsighted with the VR-headset.
Only if I am really close to the instruments I can read them. Do you guys have some suggestions for me?

I have to mention, that I am really shortsighted and so I have to wear glasses. But it fits nicely with the Vive standard cushion.

So long,
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Re: Mind blown + motion sickness + big issues with sharpness

Postby Sharkku » Thu Jul 28, 2016 5:54 am

Hi! Welcome to the forum, and the wonderful world of VR flight!

A canyon flight in an F22 could make anyone nauseous, especially if you are new to flying, so don't feel bad! :D

The instruments can be a little hard to read, that's a limitation of the HMD:s screen. It's a lot better now than with the DK1 and DK2, but still not quite satisfactorily. I think next gen will get there. In the meantime, you learn to get used to it. Old style cockpits are easier, with big hands to read on clock style instruments. And there is always the zoom function to use in case of emergency.

To me, the immersion and ability to look around and judge distance to ground when landing etc. easily overtrumphs any shortcomings though!

Happy flying!
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Re: Mind blown + motion sickness + big issues with sharpness

Postby jkeye » Thu Jul 28, 2016 7:50 am

Hi there
The wow factor is great isn't it!
I've not had any VR nausea in flight sim thankfully .
I think it happens when your view changes suddenly and often without a corresponding head /body movement.
I got it really badly playing bioshock-had to stop after 10 minutes. Recovered in an hour-and I was back with the vive and P3d!
If you set up a zoom binding and use the magnifying glass the instruments become very usable.
I'm so glad I bought the Vive-with flyinside all my expectations were exceeded. I've just got my leap motion and am going to try it.
Wish me luck!
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Re: Mind blown + motion sickness + big issues with sharpness

Postby Robert » Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:18 am

Hey Michael, welcome to VR flying! A few things to adjust to help with the blurries...

Sharkku and JK mentioned the zoom function and it's very handy. I have it set to a joystick button and can zoom in and out at will. I leave the zoom factor alone after I set how much zoom I liked.

Have you properly set your IPD? If you don't know it, your eye doctor and places that sell glasses can measure it, and there are a number of do it yourself ways to find out what you need to adjust the headset to. It's that knob on the bottom of the headset and you'll get the in headset display (when the headset is on and SteamVR is running) to know what you are setting it to.

Also, many don't realize you can adjust the distance from the Fresnel lenses in the headset to your eyes. The rings on either side of the headset pop out slightly and turn to move the lenses nearer and farther from your eyes. That gets your pupils at the sweet spot. Push the rings back in to lock again.

Since you are nearsighted, one last thing. The Fresnel lenses in the Vive put the virtual images from the screens a few feet out and away from you. The Vive lets you wear glasses with it but that puts your Fresnel lenses in danger. They are only plastic and not replaceable at this time (same for Rift). The last thing you want to do is scratch them and some have. If you can't wear contacts, look up a company called VR Lens Lab. They make prescription lens holders that clip onto the Vive (and Rift) Fresnel lenses and can make the images clear for you while protecting the Fresnels. They also make regular planar "lenses" with no correction that protect the Fresnels. I got mine last week and they are easy to snap in (video online) and now I don't need to worry at all about my lenses or any scratches while cleaning them. I clean removable and replaceable optical glass instead of plastic.

Since you are near sighted I'm thinking the IPD and eye to lens distance adjustments may not help much but maybe they will. If not, you might want to look into VR Lens Lab. If you can't or don't wear contacts in the headset, be extremely careful with glasses in the headset since once you scratch the Fresnel lenses, it's a factory return and repair if you can't buff it out. And while some have reported good results with buffing out scratches and scuffs in their lenses, others have apparently ruined theirs. No idea what the differences are. Best thing is to protect them always which is why I went with the VR Lens Lab protectors.

Good luck!
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Re: Mind blown + motion sickness + big issues with sharpness

Postby Robert » Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:35 am

Here is the link for VR Lens Lab: https://vr-lens-lab.com

Like I said, I got mine and they fit right in. I very carefully (always very carefully) cleaned the Fresnels with a moist lens wipe then snapped the Lens Lab lenses into place. Note if you go this route that you first adjust the face gasket all he way out using the rings on the side of the headset before placing the Lens Lab lenses.
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Re: Mind blown + motion sickness + big issues with sharpness

Postby Muso-Ka » Thu Jul 28, 2016 11:01 am

I recommend that you turn off the effect of the dynamic movement of the head . In the configuration file , reset all values ​​in the section [DIMAMIC HEAD MOVEMENT]
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Re: Mind blown + motion sickness + big issues with sharpness

Postby admin » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:43 pm

Press your interaction button, the FlyInside tag will appear. Look at the big blue "Menu" button with the interaction dot, press it again. In the FlyInside Menu view look at Settings (upper right) and press interact again.

From FlyInside Settings you can increase both Resolution and MSAA. These will both increase sharpness quite significantly, although at the cost of performance. You can also decrease FOV, which increases sharpness, at the expense of some tunnel vision ;)

I'd recommend playing with those settings until you find a balance that you're happy with. It will really help!
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