Flight video flickering

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Flight video flickering

Postby haeriphos » Fri Sep 16, 2016 10:36 pm

Just a quick note on some buggy behavior. First, I have to say that the flickering with the Vive is reduced dramatically for me in this latest update (1.61), to the point where I don't even consider it an issue anymore.

In order to give my kids (young) the experience of FlyInside, I decided to fly around in the Air Creations ultralight and record a flight video in FSX so that I could put the Vive on them and then play back the video so they can just go along for the ride. During the recording part of the flight everything is just fine; there's an occasional hiccup but I attribute this to the recording process. However, when I play back the video there is severe flicker and stuttering visible in the Vive that is not visible on the monitor.

I know this probably isn't an issue for most people as it only seems to affect the flight recorder, but I'm hoping that it's just an easy fix that could be rolled into the next update. It really detracts from the experience of the flight and I think a few well-flown sessions would be a cool way to experience the Vive for those unable to fly themselves.

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