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Frezzing with gtx 1080 fixed i think

PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:32 am
by stewart
so today i did another flight after doing the stuff below and it seems to be all good now no frezzing or anything for thoses that are having the problem try what i did and report back seems to be working for me

1 updated the gtx 1080 drives to 375.86
2 updated p3d client to latest ver
3 updated p3d contents to latest
4 updtaed the p3d sdk to the lastest ver

one thing i have noticed even on low settings and high does not make a diff is when you turn your head from side to side (FAST ONLY) i see like a black edge on my side vision this does not happen if you turn your head slow looks like it maybe having problems keeping up BUT saying that when i am turning my head fast and i do see the black sides the center is still smooth and fine. NOT A PROBLEM just its there and can reak the experience