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Stutter with P3D & Vive

PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 1:37 pm
by Blakeman
Hi guys,

After a long stint on X-Plane (working great btw!), I decided to give P3D a fly again.
Unfortunately, I'm getting judder which makes it very uncomfortable/motion sick inducing.

It seems to be something to do with the reprojection. My GPU never goes above 50%, and I get the exact same thing no matter what my P3D settings are.
I've tried setting everything to minimum, capping the framerate to 30 etc, but none of it works. I seem to always get a HMD framerate of 75-85, never that smooth 90.
I can even get my P3D framerate upwards of 120 fps but it doesn't make a difference, the judder and missed frames still persist.

I decided to make a video on some of my findings in regards to the reprojection modes. The missed frames are significantly lessened when asynchronous reprojection is disabled, and always-on reprojection is enabled.
Even with things set that way, there are still enough missed frames to make the experience uncomfortable, though.

Another thing that's interesting to note, is that a fair while ago, I was able to get P3D to work smoothly. Since then, the asynchronous reprojection patch for SteamVR was released. Perhaps this is related?

Anyone else having a similar issue or know what might be causing this?


Re: Stutter with P3D & Vive

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:14 am
by teiva
I'm running AMD gear at the moment and haven't had a judderless flight yet. I'm hoping for multigpu support sometime in the near future.