Issue with dot I thought was a Flyinside issue but wasn't.

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Issue with dot I thought was a Flyinside issue but wasn't.

Postby mikebourgeault » Tue Apr 04, 2017 3:20 pm

Sharing this here in case anyone else has a similar issue.

Problem: interaction button stops working reliably, seemingly without any pattern. I had been using flyinside since last June and have been loving it. Recently was having issues where pressing the interaction button (left "trigger" on my saitek yoke) sometimes wouldn't bring up the dot or menu. I thought it might be a flyinside issue so re downloaded and reinstalled. Issue persisted. I was starting to think it was a physical button problem as I had previously had to dismantle and re solder some connections. Luckily I managed to figure it out.

Solution: I had recently (just around the time it started misbehaving) purchased and installed a second saitek throttle quadrant. I installed it as the left module and the old one as the right as the leftmost axis was a little noisy and I didn't want my throttle bouncing around anymore (I mostly fly fixed prop lately but really wanted the quadrant for the extra buttons). Around that time I had to re-assign my interaction key, and didnt realize the new throttle was all the way down, so fly inside registered my interaction key as "yoke button 1+quadrant reverser-whatever-button-that-is". Which would explain why when it was working I was usually on the runway trying to cold start my airplane and then it would stop working after I took off. I only discovered the cause by opening the flyinside config xml file. If I had thought to look at the settings within flyinside I would have seen it there too. duh.

Hopefully this helps someone in the same boat.

The bright side of this issue is I realized that flyinside will accept button "chords" as commands which might open up some neat config options.
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