Horizon artifact problem

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Horizon artifact problem

Postby BobbyG550 » Mon Jul 20, 2020 4:59 pm

Hello, new to Flyinside sim, I use it with a Rift S. I have heavy horzontal lines parallel with my head position and it is directly linked to Object Density. I have tried all sorts of graphics settings, also in the RX 580 control panel. When tilting head to the right the lines appear on the right eye screen only and when tilting head left it is on the left side only. It becomes too distracting to fly. It appears that the RX580 cannot override Flyinside settings, however, when setting the RX580 to anti-aliasing and the same within Flyinside, I can fly for a minute with the lines but they return and get worse after a minute or so. Thanks for any help.

Flyinside artifact.jpg
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