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Can't register

Postby burnerski » Thu Apr 28, 2016 11:21 pm

I'm getting a register screen but when I put the blue dot on register it won't activate by my mouse or the Oculus mouse.

Please advise,


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Re: Can't register

Postby Tony » Sat Apr 30, 2016 5:10 pm

Just seen this mate , any luck ?

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Re: Can't register

Postby admin » Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:31 pm

Hi Daniel,

You need to use the interact button that you picked at the start :) If you forget which button that was, clear out your config in C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Roaming\FlyInside and you'll get to pick a new one. You can also try out the trial without registering!

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