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Re: Oculus and Flyinside experience

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 3:08 pm
by whoispankaj
ianwild wrote:
whoispankaj wrote:ianwild, if you can vnc to your ipad from the desktop, then you could try importing that window into oculus rift.Did you try that?


I thought about it but couldn't find a VNC server that runs on an iPad without a jailbreak. I may be missing it but I've searched enough and didn't find much. The other thought was an iPad emulator, however I couldn't find one that would run foreflight. Still looking though. I guess I gave up somewhat when I realised how bad the resolution would be, making it pretty useless for what I wanted to do. The GTN 750 is at least a reasonable moving map, however I'm moving back to the Track-IR now for my IFR practice and Pilotedge.


Here is something i found : ... ted&os=Mac
I tried it on mac ..Its pretty good and crisp..but not sure how will the imported window work with rift