Is it possible to override the pixel density? I want more th

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Re: Is it possible to override the pixel density? I want mor

Postby clayton4115 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 3:10 am

keem85 wrote:
admin wrote:That's awesome! So pixel density is really just another way of expressing resolution. Higher pixel density is the same as higher resolution, just a different way of writing the number :)

If you want to go above the resolution on the FlyInside Menu, you can! Just edit the resolution manually in the FlyInside Settings file, location here:

You will see two different lines in the Settings ini with your resolution, just edit them both to match a new higher resolution, and best of luck!

That's nice Dan! I got it working with 5k just fine without problems.. I also got it working in 8k, but the headtracking was juddering, but the game still ran at 70fps, even with 8k.. Do you know why it judders, whilst still going with 70fps?

did you notice any material difference in visual quality once you went to 8k?
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