TacPack+Superbug/AS F14 keeps crashing

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TacPack+Superbug/AS F14 keeps crashing

Postby ryanaclarke » Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:41 am

Title says it all. Hard-uninstalled P3D/reinstalled P3D, then installed FlyInside. Vanilla P3D worked perfectly (hooray!)

Then, installed TacPack+SuperBug, and the AS F14. ~5seconds after loading into a scenario, I get a desktop prompt that "p3D has stopped working" (no crash log prompt given).

Uninstalled TacPack+Superbug, kept the F14.

After loading the default scenario with the F14, I get the same ~5 seconds of stable gameplay, but upon the launch of the AS F14 payload manager, I get the same "P3D has stopped working" prompt.

Kept F14, but loaded into stock F22 (again, using all vanilla scenery. Only change was the F14).

Anyone have any recos/tips for this? The non-aircraft features of the F14 and TacPack seem to be causing the crashes.

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Re: TacPack+Superbug/AS F14 keeps crashing

Postby admin » Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:52 pm

Could you check whether this beta build fixes the crash? http://downloads.flyinside-fsx.com/FLYINSIDE_P3D_PRO_1.6003_OVR_1300.exe
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