Nvidia and P3D/FSX Benchmark settings for Oculus CV1

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Nvidia and P3D/FSX Benchmark settings for Oculus CV1

Postby muse458 » Thu Sep 22, 2016 7:24 am

HI all,

thought I would share some experiments on getting things to run smoothly with good detail etc, I know everyone's systems is a bit different but I thought you can see my system and roughly gauge it up or down trying to get your experience smooth.

I am going to post my system specs and then the Nvidia inspector settings and then my P3D/FSX settings.

I am using Orbx KEGE as a test bed, so I can go in an out of High Res scenery to Orbx global etc and see the results in frame rates. I also used 2 different aircraft to really push the system. One is the A2A Mustang Civ (awesome plane) and the VRS Superbug with tackpac running (to really test loading times on textures at speed and complexity of aircraft)

So my system is the following

Win 7 Ultimate
service pack 1

ASUS h-170m-plus
SSD Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 SCSI
i7 Skylake 6700k 4.0 gz
16ghz ram DDR4 2133mhz
ASUS Strix GTX 1070

Nvidia Drivers 368.39
P3D v3.4 with hotfix
FSX boxed edition

nothing is overclocked...I brought the right i7 CPU but the wrong motherboard..doesn't allow overclocking :( oh well... save up again

Back to the short test... parked and running the mustang at active runway with the attached settings, I'm getting 32-34 FPS
Flying around and its about the same, only drops a touch when looking at the main KEGE termnial buildings (lots of complexity there) maybe dips to 28-29 for a few seconds..away from that part its locked pretty solid.

The hornet on takeoff at full afterburner was around 24-26 FPS looking at the terminal side...32-34 FPS looking out the terrain side. when I got to the high res mountains it was still a good 32 FPS and I was doing 500 knots... I then proceeded to KTEX over FTX Global terrain and it had no problem at 500-600 knots...until I hit the high res textures of the mountains surrounding KTEX it paused for a few seconds to load textures at 500 knots then I was getting around 26FPS until landing..was just trying to push the limits..so Im thinking its my CPU struggling not the card..

Also was running active sky next live weather as well.

Flyinside settings are the same for both P3d and FSX

Full Res 3442x etc
FOV 114
High speed time warp
desktop 15fps

Anyway thats what ive done so far.. any suggestions let me know and here is the pictures BTW I dont really understand the nvidia inspector settings so they are fairly standard, so maybe someone knows a better one for VR.

Hope this helps and maybe starts an optimization discussion. Hopefully the screenshots are readable, theres a 3 attachment limit to the forum.

Cheers Dave
Settings Page 2.jpg
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Settings Page 1.jpg
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