2 more aircraft working well in FI! Plus a question?

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2 more aircraft working well in FI! Plus a question?

Postby minimi66 » Fri Oct 07, 2016 12:39 am

Hi all,

I have the IRIS F-15E Mudhen Platinum Series Driver and RAZBAM AV8B Plus Pack working really well on my rig in FI. Guess the AV-8B is no real surprise as the GR-7-9 from RAZBAM is on the tested list in the Wiki though.
Still great news for Strike Eagle fans (like me!) as i've not been able to get the Milviz Mudhen to work without it messing up my whole FSX:SE\FI installation.

A question though for anyone who has either of the Harrier packs above? I cannot get the Stores Management Control Set screen to work at all in order to load any ordnance or add/remove fuel and water from the aircraft? Tried numerous times on both aircraft, all variants and have followed the manual to the T!

It says aircraft must be completely shut down for the SMCS (Loadout Manager) to workand i've tried to do that but even with everything in the cockpit off or shut down and throttle at 0% it still doesn't work? Thing is i can still here engine noise in the cockpit and the SMCS (Loadout Manager) shows that the aircraft is drawing fuel (at idle rate) from thedefault fitted wing tanks??

Any ideas on what i'm not doing or how to completely shut the aircraft down to "silent mode"!!

BTW the loadout manager on the Mudhen works fine as long as you have the Armament Safety Override Switch at ON position (see manual page 165) so thats at least good news.

Any help appreciated or other useful tips!

Thanks v much

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