Any progress on Experimental Features compatibility issues?

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Any progress on Experimental Features compatibility issues?

Postby minimi66 » Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:56 am

I'm flying the bug in VR with FlyInside app and Occulus Rift CV1. I read in this post:

viewtopi ... 415#p10415

that there was/is some liaison going on between FlyInside (Dan) and VRS (VRS Varmint) to potentially fix the FSX (not P3D) compatibility issue with FlyInside and the Tac Pack when Experimental features are enabled. Currently we still have no FLIR in VR with this setup.

Is there any update from the admin/dev's on this? I'm considering going for the P3D version of the Bug/TP but at the moment frame rates are poorer in P3D/VR than FSX/VR so i'm hoping there will be a fix for the Experimental Features problem in the mean time?

I guess another way of putting it is are the TP experimental features likely to ever become no longer experimental and if so would this fix this FSX/VR FLIR problem?

Be interesting to know if this is likely/possible?

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