iFly 747 memory leak

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iFly 747 memory leak

Postby Eleusius » Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:01 pm


I am a very happy owner of Flyinside and find it to be absolutely amazing. As expected, VAS usage is higher than without Fflyinside, which made me dial down my settings until I got like between 3200 MB and 33000 MB of VAS used at the Gate at EDDF V2 - which is a very VAS hungry airport - in the PMDG 737/777. Until the other day, this was no problem and I seldomly landed with less than 400 MB VAS left, even at the biggest airports. The iFly 747 uses 400-600 MB more than my PMDGs (!). Sitting at the same gate at EDDF in this plane results in a VAS usage of almost 3700 MB after only a minute or so, without any changes made in the cockpit. When started a flight between KMIA and EDDF, I took off with 3500 MB used, increasing to 3800 MB before I even reached FL100. I reloaded the sim over England, after reaching 3900 MB of VAS used. After the reload, I started with 2800MB, but until I was approx. 20 nm away from the runway, I got an OOM. There must be a memory leak, I don't know whether it is related to Flyinside though. Can anyone confirm this?
I am using P3D v3.4 with hotfix 2.
PS: Doing the exact same flight with the exact same weather conditions in the PMDG 777 resulted 3300 MB of VAS used over the UK and 3600 MB in Frankfurt.
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