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Oculus rift - FSX - Flyinside

Postby mof_vipe » Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:06 pm

Hello all

I'm hoping for some advice on a few things and any messages would be much appreciated.

First of all its probably best to share my setup.
Oculus Rift + touch controls
ORBX England scenery
FSX SE (I only fly 737)
Ge Force NVidia 1080

Been Using this for 2 months and loving it. Would like to enhance the experience tho.

question 1 - is it worth getting PMDG 737 NGX???????? will it work with what I have including switches and controls like I have already???????
question 2 - in the 737 I'm having no success pressing the speed button for autopilot and also autobrake. I'm having to blindly find my keyboard for this.

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Re: Oculus rift - FSX - Flyinside

Postby pilotoring » Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:20 pm

I have PMDG 737 NGX on FSX-SE platform. No problem at all with mouse, which in my experience is much better than Leap Motion when it comes to operating cockpit knobs and switches. I don't have Oculus touch so no idea how it compares.

Had I not bought it awhile ago, I would buy it after migrating to p3d. Now I am using p3d I have to buy PMDG again. Too bad I only flew it for one year, but it totally worth it, IMHO.
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Re: Oculus rift - FSX - Flyinside

Postby photonic » Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:59 am

I have the orbx england too, including ative sky next, REX 4 and a few airport payware addons. I use PMDG 737, I've had no problems with at all (even on a 1060), it is a joy to fly together with PFPX flightplanning and top cat landing/takeoff performance.

However I have optimised FSX and flyinside to experience a better experience, with scenery textures on maximum but with sparse auto gen.

First off, ensure all pmdg settings for ngx in the pmdg operations centre are turned to high resolution (but turn off high resolution cockpit in the fsx settings). Also, turn off anti aliasing in fsx to remove the blurriness inside fsx (it was a welcomed discovery).

Second, alter the flyinside target resolution inside the flyinside configuration file to 4452 2675, this for me offers good resolution at a minimum cost of FPS, and ensure aliasing inside FSX is 4X (no higher or less).
I usually turn FXAA off as it blurs the dials with no loss or gain of FPS, and set the FOV to around 120%

With these settings I get around 20-30/90-95 on the pmdg and up to 40/90-95 on A2A GA aircraft, which ensure a very immersive, smooth stutter free experience.
Increasing your ram to 16 GB also helps, and ensuring there are no background programs running.

I would also recommend assigning your joystick or yoke to common systems such as trim up/down, flaps up/down, gear up/down and brakes and autopilot disconnect, and ensure that you can alter your eye point position with the cockpit so that you can adjust your seat height. I also prefer to use the 2d mouse to click switches rather than the touch controllers.
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