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Bindings will not accept complex Complex Key Presses

PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:11 pm
by Bingo041
I have a smart HOTAS that permits me to assign what I call complex key presses such as:

SHF = CTL + F5

However, I'm finding I can do this on some FI Bindings, but not all.

For example, when I attempt to enter with the key board SHF + CTL + F8, to "Recenter the Mouse" function, I usually end up getting these types of key press combinations instead?

F8 + CTL + SHF
CTL + F8 + SHF

Note: I have not been successful at entering what I want.

In some cases it works with other FI bindings, this just seems to be hit or miss.

Ideally FI would have a simple 2D window where you could enter all the desired key presses without having to lift the headset off while typing these characters?

Bill Clark