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X Plane Night & Day Textures

Postby SwissOculusRift » Thu May 03, 2018 2:19 pm

Gentlemen and Ladies,
Boys and Girls,

Good day and greetings from Switzerland.

I have XPlane 11.11 and FLyInside 1.9 running with Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers.
My PC is a Windows 8.1 64BIT Intel7 with 8GB RAM and GTX1080TI Graphics Card.

When I ran the XPlane without Oculus, everything was fine and dandy. Day and night scenery was AWESOME. Crisp, clear and amazing detail.

Now installed Oculus and full immersion .... wow. But I noticed that the landscape was similair to what I expect from places like Dubai. Fields etc became yellow and brownish ... no more detailled scenery outside. Now changed to night ... it got much much worse now. Bascially I see nothing outside, just stars in heaven but the earth below is just dark. I noticed also on the FO seat next to me a sort of turquise/reddish shine .... I have kept my default settings and run the default B737. The problem is will all aircraft, all places and reducing even graphic settings downwards ... I can not get any decent scenery textures ...
daytime I even have troubles making out the airport or runway, at night time, I am happy I can see the taxiway ... again, when I dont use the Oculus FlyInside then all is fine and dandy. ALl drivers have updates etc... so I checked all of that already ...

As for reference: does anyone know Dimitry who uploaded VR St. Petersburg in a ZIBO737? Those are the night textures I expect, but I get nothing even close to that....

Help please. Help. Thank you.
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