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Another thread on VC cameras

Postby michaelth » Mon Oct 29, 2018 1:56 am

Since P3Dv4.3, many posts have been issued about horizontally split VC windows: above a straight line, the window pane looks normal (shaded). Below that line, it is fully transparent (as if you would stick your head out). This annoying phenomenon occurs only on ground. I found that it appears in some of those aircraft which define cameras in their aircraft.cfg. Here is how I cured it in the Majestic Dash-8:

Title = MJC84 Virtual Cockpit
Guid = {A0200BCF-FF19-493f-B540-725593583147}
Description = This is the description of the virtual cockpit view.
Origin = Virtual Cockpit
MomentumEffect = No
SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel
SnapPbhReturn = False
PanPbhAdjust = Swivel
PanPbhReturn = False
Track = None
ShowAxis = YES
AllowZoom = TRUE
InitialZoom = 0.7
SmoothZoomTime = 2.0
ZoomPanScalar = 1.0
ShowWeather = Yes
XyzAdjust = TRUE
Category = Cockpit

If you also see this, try adding the last line (NearClipOverride=0.5) to the Virtual Cockpit camera in the aircraft.cfg.

Good luck,
Michael Thesen

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