Virtual Measure Tape for Cockpit Builders

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Virtual Measure Tape for Cockpit Builders

Postby BlueThing » Mon Oct 31, 2016 7:45 am


I'd like to have a virtual measure tape so I could measure the exact location of items inside the virtual cockpit and then build a home made cockpit based on those measurments. The idea is that the flight controls, buttons, radio panels etc will be placed as close as possible in reality to their corresponding location inside the virtual cockpit.

I imagine such a feature to have 2 reference points: Start and end.

The measurement should show the distance reading for each axis separately. (X,Y,Z) as well as absolute distance.

To move the reference points inside the cockpit one could use either bind keys, Leap-Motion or the interaction button.

I hope more people will find such feature meaningfull.

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