6DOF virtual windows orientation

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6DOF virtual windows orientation

Postby BlueThing » Fri Dec 16, 2016 6:16 am


in addition to the feature request "Remember window locations and sizes" which I totally support and even think should get high priority I'd like to add another idea:

Allow to move, locate and arrange the window inside the cockpit in any(!) possible orientation
By 'any' I mean 6 degree of freedoms (not only up/down, right/left, fwd/back but also rotate, roll and pitch)

Right now, when we move the virtual windows, they are always perpendicular to our view. Usually I would actually like to arrange the virtual windows along with the airplane's space or panels:
I like to put the IvAp client and external stopwatch aligned with the aircraft's panels, I put the map aligned with the co-pilot door and the checklist I put on the co-pilot seat etc...

For the rotation, rolling and pitching of virtual windows I believe it would be necessary to define short keys.
And maybe one more key to 'reset' the orientation again to be perpendicular again with the view point

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