JSS Simulations Transall C-160

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JSS Simulations Transall C-160

Postby Paul_Blythe » Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:51 pm

Very nice aircraft, which I bought after JSS had confirmed it'd been tested and worked on P3D v3.4...

VC is good, with just about all the switches/levers working. Starting the APU and engines is quite an involved procedure and a good test for my memory, have found the FE station the best place to be... Have now done a few very short flights and the C-160 is nice to fly, though it feels a little sluggish in responding to inputs [ie, you know it's a big aircraft]. System implementation is good, with a fair amount of depth. Plus, it all looks good in VR.

Had a few OOM and Flyinside D3D11 errors on first install ... now sorted.

There's a service pack due next week for those experiencing issues with the generators not charging the battery, and lose of power.

-updated 14/01/17-
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