DK-2 Vs CV-1 FPS advantage

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DK-2 Vs CV-1 FPS advantage

Postby drumsonly2002 » Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:34 am

As we know, the resolution of the CV-1 will be better. But, the DK-2 having less resolution, an advantage as per smoothness, less GPU HP, and better FPS? Perhaps the DK-2 isn't as bad vs the CV-1 if it runs smoother. Just thinking about some pro's for the DK-2's not ending up as a door stop after the CV-1's arrive. Going to be interesting with the reviews of the DK vs CV when the time comes. Got a used DK-2 with leap motion for a decent price and most likely sell it if the CV-1 is that and a bag of chips. The Canadian $ is tanking thus the CV-1 are going for $821.00 CND, plus 15% tax = $123.00 = $944.00 plus shipping. About a grand Canadian after the postman drops off the package. Screen door vs no screen door with a small hit in performance, 75HZ vs 90HS. My money is on the eye candy despite price, though I'll wait for the reviews to be told. been siming for a long time, now is not the time to wimp out, heh! Any thoughts or comments are welcome. Can always sell a used DK-2 for a reasonable price as VR fever will soon hit the land.
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