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Vpilot inside Virtualdesktop

PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 12:26 pm
by MvanDijk
Hi All,

About 2 weeks ago i bought a used DK2, and a few hours later " FlyInside P3d" :) .

Beside the known lack of resolution and other trade off's, i cant think off simming without a VR device anymore.
It makes it so much more imersive!!

i am trying to use " Vpilot" inside the virtualdesktop, but the virtualdesktop doesnt show a entry for Vpilot while its running in the background. (i can access it via full-desktop).

Are there any known work arrounds or tips using vpilot with Flyinside?

Would be cool making vatsim flights in VR :D

Edit: Since "FI 1.6" Vpilot can be imported in to FI. (Thanks for solving!!)