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Testing with EZDOK results

PostPosted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 10:28 am
by morat
Just tested the alpha preview (FSX SE, runtime, Ant's Drifter ultralight) with EZDOK/EZCA (1.17.1), because that reactive head motion was awesome using trackir. Results are:

  • Taxiing on the ground works well with an amount of shake that seems similar to what you get without the Rift.
  • In air the effects don't seem to be there, even bouncing it off the runway doesn't really induce much movement
  • EZDOK and Flyinside seem to be fighting for control of the head position. All rotation works fine, but lateral motion in the rift seems to be very odd - it's as if your head stays in one place and the aircraft slides around underneath you.

Not sure if compatibility with things like EZDOK or Accu-feel head movement is a design goal or if there's (hopefully) an intention to add this as a native fly inside feature, but if there's anything Dan wants me to test out in terms of settings just let me know.

P.S. I also have Accu-feel but haven't installed it since I put Steam Edition on my PC today.