Suggestion for P3D users: Keep the install Clean

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Suggestion for P3D users: Keep the install Clean

Postby airwolf » Fri Aug 26, 2016 12:26 pm

Hey guys,

VR is cutting edge tech and we all know it. One thing I have observed in many multiple installs of P3d and Multiple Oses on my end. To have an excellent experience with v1.6 and p3d you all should keep a very clean install. Install addons (I have tons) but all the addons need to be p3dv3 supported properly. Some developers are not optimizing their code for p3dv3 and just hooking the code to find the location for P3Dv3. P3dv3.3.5 is starting to segment away from FSX code (and it needs to for its down the road 64bit path).

I tried installing some old FSX addons and yes there was performance hit and VAS increase vs the same addon installed in FSX. Flyinside has its VAS requirements and it needs to keep sim smooth, I am just saying that try to install p3dv3 properly compiled addons (especially which insert stuff/scenery/etc into the P3D).

Just an FYI.
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