Having Issues and Run FSUIPC?

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Having Issues and Run FSUIPC?

Postby Robert » Sat Sep 17, 2016 11:51 am

I was running FSUIPC 4.944 (date stamp 9/5/2015) until a big Windows 10 update this week caused something to go nuts and FSX started rejecting FSUIPC, I was getting the startup crash, etc. If I loaded FSX without FSUIPC all was good. So I checked to see if there might be a newer version of FSUIPC and there is - 4.955 (date stamp 6/14/2016).

I installed that and the startup crashes stopped, FSX now seems to load a lot faster, and at least so far everything seems a bit snappier and better behaved. This might be the source of a number of issues that have been keeping me from upgrading to newer versions of FlyInside but I don't know that yet. What I do know is that after the Windows update installed, what had been a working setup went to not working with no other changes.

Wanted to pass this along since it sure seems like a Windows update broke FSX:SE/FlyInside/FSUIPC and upgrading to the newer version of FSUIPC seems to have at least fixed that and maybe more.
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