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mdl import

PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 2:24 pm
by TomRift
Hi Dan and FI users

There is alot of excellent planes for both fsx and prepar3d, but almost none of them have any body or co-pilot modelled into the vc. I see that all the pop up windows can be placed inside with depth information and "occlusion" based on the aircraft geometry.

I think a "custom" *.mdl import function would allow us to share and develop custom objects for import into the VC; i.e animated co-pilot, pilot body, "IFR hoods/plates" or any other cool models to increase immersion. Just like with pop-up windows we can freely move the 3d objects which would make it easy to customize for different sized cockpits etc.

Would it be a big job for you to put this as an experimental feature in one of your beta builds?

This could lead to a shared library of very nice looking immersion enhancers :)