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Developer / P3D + FlyInside + Leap Motion + High End System

Postby SAK23 » Sat Jan 07, 2017 10:10 am

Hi Guys,

first of all thanks for the great experience to fly with the amazing FlyInside Software!

The Issues:


My current problem is the Framerate.

I tried different settings in P3D, from high to low with same results -> Low FPS.

The test Scenery was the German Addon Airport Stuttgart with clear Skies and the PMDG 737-8, of course i have ORBX, Active Sky.. But this Programs are not the problem.

Without VR and with my old graphics card (Palit GTX 980 Super Jetstream) i get 40 FPS with a very high setting P3D.

Now with VR and with my new Card (Palit GTX 1080 Game Rock Premium Edition) i get 24 - 26 FPS.
I can lower the settings but it makes no difference still the same FPS. I tried to delete the P3D Shaderfiles but still same results.

Workload graphic card: ~ 60 %
Workload CPU: 55%

The ingame Workload is not maxed out so i dont know what is the problem and why i dont get more frames. FPS is not locked...

it would be great If anybody have any idea or solution!


The second problem is the Leapmotion.

The sensitivity is to heavy for my opinion, it is very hard to interact with a switch or any anything else. More settings in this section would be great! I think it would be easier to set one option to interact with the swiches. Either with the Index Finger or with the thumb and the index to grab a switch. At the moment the Leapmotion Controller recognizes inside Flyinsde both of them. This makes it very hard for me because with a minimum movement i get 2 scales from the possibilities to interact with the switches. It would be great if i can grab the switches with my thumb and the index one and interact with them (left, right, up , down) and when i am done just release the switch and thats it.

Hope you can understand what i tried to tell you.. Its very hard for me to explain because its not my native language..

Best Regards



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