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Simstarter NG and FlyInside

Postby Brian1256 » Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:05 pm

Just set up a new system with FSX Steam, Simstarter NG, FlyInside, Oculus CV1 and a lot of scenery.
Simstarter NG works amazing with FlyInside. There are instructions on aerosoft's website for setting it up for P3D but it's just as easy with FSX Steam or boxed.

Here's a link to the instructions ... tarter-ng/

This might have been posted before but found it worked out so well I had to repost. The only limitation right now with Simstarter NG Is you have to choose VR or monitor use. To use FSX on my monitor I just start FSX directly.
I have Simstarter completely customized with FlyInside recommended settings, scenery config sets, run config sets and profiles. These settings are completely independent from the settings when you start FSX directly to your monitor.
You cannot right now install 2 Simstarter and point one to FlyInside and one to your Monitor. I hope one day they incorporate FlyInside into Simstarter like they did with Active Sky.

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