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FlyInside XPlane and XPlane plugins

Postby DaveyDave » Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:54 am

I'm looking at the feasibility of combining XPlane and FlyInside and a graphical XPlane plugin to help prototype some display concepts.

Basically, my XPlane plugin will render on top of the XPlane scene. Whilst I've done with before without VR/FlyInside, I'm not how sure this would work with it. I have the following questions:

1). Presumably FlyInside forces a dual render for each XPlane frame (ie. once for each eye). I assume that this also forces a dual render of any enabled XPlane plugins at the same time??

2). My XPlane plugin rendering will need to be a function of the tracked head orientation (and ideally position as well). Is there a means of me ascertaining the current head orientation from the XPlane plugin (from the chosen VR device) and would this be through the standard XPlane DataRef mechanism or would I have to assess a 3rd party FlyInside SDK interface for doing this?. The former process is clearly best, as I could guarantee that was using the correct roll/pitch/yaw orientation that had been used to render the XPlane scene. This question probably comes down to how FlyInside commands the orientation of the XPlane-rendered scene internally.

Any pointers gratefully received.
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