Sound Fix (all sounds not in rift)

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Sound Fix (all sounds not in rift)

Postby derf » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:34 am

I have this issue where not all the FSX sounds are not on the rift and things like GWPS, 400HZ noise and others play out of the speaker even tho all sounds are set to go to the rift. I experience this on Windows 10 with FSX and flyInside but not with track IR in the past. The issue may occur also with the Vibe and or running P3D but can not confirm and the fix is so easy.

Open FSX with FlyInside,

Right click your sound icon and open sound setting

on the bottom click App volume and device preferences

Highlight the sim app and change output.... That's it

I have seen other post questions about this leaving many scratching their head not understanding while trying to help, My sim is not just working the way everyone else now and I am happy. If this helps Please post that it helped so developers will realize if this is a big issue... Most times people will not notice because the rift headphones are on and unless there is another simmer in the room it will go unnoticed.
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