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Best VR aircraft

Postby derf » Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:18 pm


While we all have preferences on the Best Commercial airliner, Best Piston, Best Fighter and etc, I would like to know the 1 aircraft that absolutely floored you. It probably will not be your favorite type to fly but it is insane in VR. I am sure we will see LotusSim L-39, Most PDMG aircraft, Later Milviz aircraft on the list but also looking for input on Flight Dynamics, Eye candy and other thing that caught your eye. This thread should help others realize that the standard aircraft that come with the sim are not anywhere near the quality needed for full immersion in VR.


It is breathtaking even tho I am more into WWII and Jet Fighters, It is one of those where you really feel like your in a real airplane, The little details like reflections on switches, Completely 3D with nothing left in 2D that I could find. The flight dynamics feel spot on (never flew 737 but did in a level D motion sim) The MASSIVE amount of sounds added and realistic volumes of everything is amazing. I feel this is probably the best made aircraft to fly in VR to really show off or loose yourself for a good amount of time.

Cons, there are a few thing you can not do with your Oculus controllers like move the Start switches, Left and right yolk controls are reversed and a few very minor things ported to VR are wrong but I feel the best experience. FMC can be difficult with controllers (Switching pages is difficult)

Little video I mad but it is insane in 3D
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