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How can I click and drag in large desktop mode?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:40 am
by jeff0000
I'm trying out FlyInside for P3D 4.3 for the first time. When I load up FlyInside from the desktop, the P3D flight setup screen appears. In VR, it says "Waiting for Simulator" on the left, and on the right I see two options: "Import WIndow" and "Large Desktop Mode".

Once I click "Large Desktop Mode", I can "click" in the P3d flight setup screen with my Samsung Odyssey controllers by holding my virtual hand over the button and moving the controller forward away from me.

Once I'm in the aircraft selection page, how can I click and drag the scroll bar on the right so that I can scroll through all the aircraft? I'm just trying to minimize the number of times I need to take off the HMD and / or use the mouse.