Vive/P3D 4.3 memory leak

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Vive/P3D 4.3 memory leak

Postby brettt » Wed Dec 12, 2018 2:16 pm

I have recently been experiencing what appears to be a massive memory leak when using FI with the Vive on P3D 4.3. In watching the windows performance monitor, what happens is as soon as I enter the flight the VRcompositor activity goes from using approximately 68K of memory to using up the full allocation of almost 16GB almost instantly. This has started happening all of a sudden in the last week. This results in severe stutters, and shortly an OOM. This does not happen with native VR in P3D nor does it happen in other applications like DCS. These both have the VRcompositor activity around 68K.

I have uninstalled FI and re-installed without any change in the problem. Prior to this it was working perfectly. Any help is appreciated.

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