No Blue Dot in Headset

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Re: No Blue Dot in Headset

Postby IanL » Thu Dec 03, 2020 2:44 pm

I managed to fix this by disabling the 'Press any button to recenter' screen in the ini file. It was only in this screen that it crashed upon pressing any joystick button.

For anyone else having this issue:

You can deactivate this initial screen via the settings ini file:

C:\Users\[YourName]\AppData\Roaming\FlyInside\settings_pro_FlyInside FSX_settings.ini

by setting the following entry to 0:

ShowRecenter = 0

then the crash is avoided and it all works from there.

Shame the developer took no further interest in this what so ever and it took me over a year of not being able to use it to find this solution! Hope it at least sorts this problem for anyone else.
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