Hi Tony possible new customer looking for p3d v5 info

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Re: Hi Tony possible new customer looking for p3d v5 info

Postby Caifon » Sun Jul 05, 2020 8:42 am


do you mean the new V5 version with the hotfix 2? I haven't installed it yet because I thought it wouldn't be "playable" without fly-inside.

The fact that you are resting on your old successes can be seen very clearly in the support: Tony writes off and to which he asks Dan, but nothing happens for months.

So you can also upset the customers ... apparently Dan has earned enough here that he leaves everyone hanging
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Re: Hi Tony possible new customer looking for p3d v5 info

Postby severniae » Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:08 am


I've now been using Prepar3d in VR without flyinside for over a year now.

I do use Chaseplane - as I've found it great for managing views (looking closer at screens in the VC etc) and I have commands for it mapped to my HOTAS stick.

In Prepar3d v5 VR performance is much better than it was in previous versions with flyinside - the blue dot annoyed me at first, though I've gotten used to it and in fact hardly notice it any more - it also auto hides when not using the mouse so on that front is better.

If you use Oculus, you can import desktop windows (browser, PDF etc..) using the oculus menu and pin the screen. I understand that when using Steam VR, that process is even easier.

Flyinside, when it worked, had some small advantages over the native P3D option, but frankly as you say - Dan made his money and has since abandoned the project. I traded emails with him nearly a year ago and it was clear from his response that while he acknowleges that he hasn't been active here fixing things, he doesn't intend to make much effort to change that either... And the 'progress' or lack thereof shows it.

It's all a massive shame, considering that this project wouldn't have existed without the support of the VR community - but Dan doesn't seem to mind that he has let us all down.
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Re: Hi Tony possible new customer looking for p3d v5 info

Postby denrainwater » Wed Jul 08, 2020 10:11 am

I find myself thinking that Dan has the loftiest of intentions. And he certainly created a brilliant platform that we have all enjoyed and benefited from enormously. I for one really wish it were still viable, as I find its features very important to the satisfying experience I've come to expect from VR in P3D -- and frankly, still don't find in 'native VR'.

I feared when Dan announced his new sim that he was biting off more than he could chew -- that it would be impossible to keep up with the demands of TWO platforms that would require his constant attention, when it already felt like he was struggling to keep up with just this one. If his new sim had turned out to be a truly comparable substitute for our other sims, that might have been phenomenal, as it is thrilling to imagine the possibilities of a simulator designed expressly for VR from the ground up! But I am very deeply invested in the eye candy of ORBX, and fly A2A aircraft almost exclusively -- and am unwilling to 'back down' from the experiences up to which those add-ons have set the bar... The FI Sim looked like far to big a step backward from what I had come to demand from my simming experience.

So, while I suspect Dan really does still have great intentions of catching up with all of these problems and complaints, I can't imagine how overwhelmed he must feel. And when I feel overwhelmed, I tend to hide in silence.

If that is not Dan's position, it would be so nice if he would manage to make the time to communicate more with us, and give us a basis for some solid hope for the future of FI.
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