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Postby LCYCowboy » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:20 pm

I have to say that I have finally given up with FlyInside, and am so disappointed to have done this.

It is a fantastic bit of software. These are the things I miss the most:

1) Changing the world scale, so that it doesn't feel like your'e flying a miniature aeroplane.

2) The smoothness in the Virtual Cockpit even at low frame rates.

3) Being able to move the windows around so easily.

4) Being able to import windows from the desktop.

5) Having an option to make the mouse cursor disappear after a while.

6) The mouse interface (easy to click on clickspots).

7) The clarity of the cockpit.

BUT..............what I don't miss is the continuous lottery whilst flying as to WHEN the CTD will happen. I finally gave up after my 4th attempted flight from EGPH - EKVG. I got anywhere from 20 minutes into the flight to just before touchdown, but ALWAYS got a CTD in the end. After switching to P3D native VR, I have made over 20 flights without any hint of a CTD. I have even flown into London City (the airport where I work). I had tried so many times with FlyInside, but the scenery complexity always lead to a CTD, so I never made it and gave up trying.

I am so sad to be leaving this wonderful software. Native VR isn't even close to FI, but at least you get to fly without constantly waiting for and getting chucked back to the desktop.

Good luck with your own flightsim, and all the best. Having invested thousands in P3D I am in no position to start again (as I'm sure most others will agree).

FlyInside 1.9505

P3D v4.3

Oculus CV1

Windows 10 Pro

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