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Feature idea: attach window to yoke

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:38 am
by aurel42
This might not be very well thought out, but if FI is aware of the yoke and it's position, would it be possible to "attach" a window to the yoke? You know, like using a yoke mount to attach an iPad in GA aircraft. The window size would be fixed (ie. content would be scaled to fit) and it would move together with the yoke. Border black or dark grey instead of FI-blue, to increase immersion? No transparency! Perhaps with a way to tab or swipe through applications, ie. make multiple windows show up in the yoke window and select between them? The goal would be to be able to fly without any free-floating windows, if that's what the pilot wants.

Story: pilot opens ATC window, it opens as free-floating window. Pilot clicks the "send to yoke window" button, free-floating window closes and ATC dialog shows up in the yoke window. Pilot presses button on yoke window and returns to the moving map display (or whatever the pilot wants to see on his yoke window). ATC contacts pilot, the ATC window pops into the foreground of the yoke window.

Challenges that would have to be overcome:
the yoke window might end up in the LM exclusion zone if the real-world controller is close to the virtual yoke;
it might be uncomfortable to use for gaze users unless it's set up on top of the yoke (instead of in front of it) and at a low angle;
it might cover controls on the yoke;
it might be a pain to set up for each individual aircraft (perhaps the Annotator can help there);
it would probably still look a bit weird because of its 2d nature and the missing mount (but it still might be more immersive than the blue floaties);
only GA pilots reap the benefits of this feature, I'm not sure that a window mount or something like that in an airliner would present the immersion I'm imagining for the yoke mount

So here's the question for the GA pilots among the FI users: Top or flop? What do you think?