Best and most useful binding options for just ch yoke?

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Best and most useful binding options for just ch yoke?

Postby theskyisthelimit99 » Thu Sep 01, 2016 1:12 pm

Hi there,

I'm curious what everyone is using as their basic binding options either via the flyinside interface and/or in p3d, to avoid minimal or if any need to remove the goggles or peer through the nose hole (Rift) to see things?

Formerly I also used my saitek 3 panels for most functions, also thinking i may ditch these and use strictly the Leap Motion controller Plus mouse worst case (anyone else agree on that too)? Prefer to keep things as "real" as I can.

Issue is, alot of times having to hit P to unpause and other buttons on the keyboard, like changing seat position with the control + backspace etc (eyepoint i guess).

Formerly i had some vox and other buttons already programmed on my ch yoke.. for now i overwrote at least two of those on the left side trim for both the menu and zoom in.. but i'm thinking maybe the hat switch would be better since its not really used, then maybe having an x1 controller next to it and using motions on it would be best, as a poor mans HOTAS, which i dont have, plus takes up less space.

Also, how do you deal with using a laptop for things like ASN and maps.. (some have suggested using the window in the sim, by bringing it in, may cause loss of performance on same machine etc).. i guess no way to avoid taking the goggles off for laptop driven map programs.

How and what is everyone doing here, very curious on the best arrangement many have found?

Thanks in advance
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