Best settings for a single 980ti + OC i7-4930k 4.4 + rift

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Best settings for a single 980ti + OC i7-4930k 4.4 + rift

Postby theskyisthelimit99 » Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:02 pm

I'm curious if anyone out there has a very similar config to mine..

I initially had the vive, but found the rift to be sharper by maybe 10%, so for now i'm sticking with the Rift.. which also seemed slightly smoother performance wise.
Currently i have the 980ti SC+ but i may be switching to a 1080 FTW instead, but was hoping maybe it could be avoided (to still have some minor cloud shadows and higher settings like without VR).

I'm finding a bit of stuttering in the cabin panning around, even on the default flight in the jet.. this no matter the tweaks i do to the p3d side of settings.. unlimited, vs 30 fps, vs slider reductions (i also use the affinitymask which helps by maybe 5 fps).

I still had more attempts at setting changes to do, but was hoping for something obvious i may have overlooked?

I upped the flyinside res to the next one from the max, forget the value.. i know this may be a great contributor to the issue.. i guess maybe with the 1080 i could max that out and still have most of the old settings though.

I tried setting the limiter on both to 30, this resulted in the sim value of 17 at times.. even now (on my non overclocked tests).. in orbx ksea with weather/rain, unlimited fps, i can see 17, so if i locked that at 30, it would probably be horrid.. my 3, 24" screen same tests when overclocked, i used to average around 27 fps in this same region.

So has anyone found any magic bullet solutions for a single 980ti ? Very curious

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