[Poll with neutral option :)]Qual. FI vs native VR P3D v3.4

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What looks better/sharper? Use: highest FI res., same P3D settings for FI and native VR, LM F22

FI using vive
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FI using oculus
P3D native VR using vive
P3D native VR using oculus
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no difference (vive)
no difference (oculus)
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[Poll with neutral option :)]Qual. FI vs native VR P3D v3.4

Postby seb » Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:04 pm

EDIT: I just realized that it might be wiser to add a "no difference" option for all that see now difference... jaja stupid me :shock: so free re-votes for everyone!

I am interested how you all perceive the image quality of the native P3D VR vs the FI image quality. (Just the quality - usability is far from even comparable... ;) )
See the P3D v3.4 post for some info: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2960

In short:

Some (including me) see a much sharper image using native P3D VR camera compared to that of FI. In detail: If you load LM F22 and take a look on the monitors, HUD and labels all text appears sharper - it is as if some has turned down anti aliasing (FXAA) just another step to -1. IMHO, it makes the text much more readable. While other did not see any difference at all. Only thing I could find out regarding resolution of the native VR mode is this post: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=120888

Important things:
  • If you see only Oculus VR ... cameras in selectable cameras - delete the camera.cfg - P3D rebuilds it correctly afterwards, giving you neutral VR Camera ... options
  • Do not over do it with quality stuff - the native VR mode is far from beeing as fast as FI VR. I set everything to low/off and worked my way up. That way you can get somewhat 90 fps.
  • Have not really in depth tested it - but it looks like not all virtual cockpits benefit the same way or as extensive from this increased sharpness
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