P3D vs. FSX

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P3D vs. FSX

Postby mischmerz » Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:51 pm

Howdy folks -

after two days of configuration and adapting p3d I was now able to seriously test it against FSX. Verdict: I stick with FSX for the time being.

Intel Core i7 3.5GHZ, 8 GB RAM, Windows 7 64bit
Radeon RX 480
Oculus CV1
Prepar 3D V 3.4.18

FSXWX (Real Time Weather)

I like the P3D graphics more. It seems somewhat clearer and a touch more immersive. However - frame rates are disappointing - even after hours of configuration. FSX manages 50fps in VR over rural areas (20 over highly populated areas), whereas P3D manages only 28 to 30. But there might still be an option I may have overlooked. However - I have annoying flickers in P3D and the view resets (switching between cockpit and FI setup screen) for half a second messing the 2D panels up. This "resetting" happens when I am manipulating those 2D panels .. clicking or dragging them. Night light inside the cockpit is another issue (P3D related, not FI) I couldn't get any dome or instrument lights working until I finally found the solution of selecting the right shadow (cast/receive) combination. But that still didn't fix the instrument illumination for my aircraft of choice, the Abacus Vulcanair P68 - even worse: I can't click any switch or dial on the main panel (light and top panels are fine). Switches work without FI but won't work inside FI and the environment sort of "shimmers" through everything (P3D native virtual off) - I can see clouds "through" the engine pods, colored caps on the power levers are transparent etc. Finally, changing scenery configuration in flight results in crashes way more often than in FSX.

Conclusion: I'll stick with FSX for the time being. It doesn't have all those P3D graphic enhancements, but it works perfectly with 3rd party aircraft, night cockpit illumination works fine too, it's rock solid and gives me a more solid overall experience.
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