Tips and tricks

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Tips and tricks

Postby TomRift » Thu Sep 10, 2015 5:23 pm


Just had an amazing flight in the A2A Comanche from Queenstown to NZMF (Orbx). Thanks for this fantastic rift integration, Dan!
During that flight I made some adjustments to my setup that helped the overall experience.
Perhaps if you have a tip or trick please share:

1. Delete the assigments controls for all the NUM in Engine and Control surfaces.
Assign Move eyepoint fwd to Arrow up/fwd
Assign Move eyepoint left to left arrow etc.
Assign page up/dn to eyepoint up/down

..Or to your tophat.

2. If you have a skewed view after clicking something in the cockpit,
make sure to right click and select Virtual cockpit (not visible in rift)
because the other "view" in the VC doesn't always work (for now... :)

3. To see i.e. the A2A menues (shift 1,2,3 etc) remember to right click the
popup and click undock window to "allow" it to be viewed in the rift.

4. To help read the smallest dials, assign recenter mouse to the tophat (push up/fwd) so
when looking at the EGT or suction etc. the mouse pointer triggers the "tooltip" with all the details you need.

Here's also a list of aircraft tested which works fantastic with FI:
A2A Cherokee
A2A Comanche
Fairchild Metroliner (From Razbam)
Realair Turbine Duke v2
Aerosoft Twin Otter
Qualitywings BAe 146
Rift CV1 + Touch / Vive + leap motion running on:
i7 6700K , Win 10 64 with a Zotac 1080 AMP Extreme
Sim: Prepar3d XP 11
AS16 ASCA / Xenviro
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