P3D blurry cockpit issue (FINE IN NON VR)

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P3D blurry cockpit issue (FINE IN NON VR)

Postby kieran2112 » Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:27 pm

Hi guys,

so im at a bit of a loose end, im getting a blurriness on the vc and all the displays in the vc with p3d when im using the vive through FI. Ive checked mipmap and its not enabled and fxaa is turned off (in p3d and globally through nvidia control panel)

Now, the strange thing is, when i load P3D normally (not using FI) the vc on the same aircraft is crystal clear and razor sharp

I know P3D and FI p3d have different .cfg files and therefore dont share the same graphics settings but again, fxaa is off globally across both programs in nvidia control panel, and mipmap is also disabled in p3d (not VR)

any help would be greatly appreciated

regards and thanks in advance

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