TrackIR + 3D Split screen in 3DTVs for Very Realistic Flight

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TrackIR + 3D Split screen in 3DTVs for Very Realistic Flight

Postby Diego » Thu May 07, 2020 5:22 am


I use P3DV4.5 with a TrackIR-5 head tracking device and display it through a big Panasonic 3D LED TV.

Instead of having to acquire a VR device (e.g. Oculus, Vive, etc.), could it be possible to allow Flyinside to:
1 - Respond to TrackIR-5, so as to have head tracking without need to have a VR device; and
2 - Automatically display in 3D split screens without having to connect a VR device?

So far I cannot manage to display the split screens if I don’t plug a VR device.

If this was made possible, it would allow for an additional option of a very immersive 3D flight experience by uniting head tracking from TrackIR with 3D imaging through most 3D TVs (for example, my 3D TV automatically converts split screen 3D images into a single 3D scene that can be enjoyed through the 3D glasses, as most other 3D TVs will also do), and which can be more realistic for the reason I will mention below.

I prefer to use my TV + head tracking instead of buying a VR device, not just for their high cost and lesser image resolution but, MOSTLY, because, as a student pilot, I use Prepare3D to prepare my real navigations for my actual Private Pilot License process, and for that I need to be able to see and use different tools in my lap or table, such as paper or tablet navigation logs, flight computers and real paper VFR foldable charts, which I cannot do if my eyes are fully immersed in a VR device.

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