No windows in VR and B752 behavior

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No windows in VR and B752 behavior

Postby Erion » Sat Apr 01, 2017 6:39 am

just a couple of problems I have, maybe there is some solution to them. (Besides the black screen thingy).

- I have no windows in VR. So whenever I click on something that brings up a window or open the map or anything, nothing happens in VR. It does show up in the sim window normally, so if I don't close it, I can click inside it, which also means I can't click on stuff in VR while it's there. This means I can't use any ATC as it would require me to go back to desktop for every interaction. Is this normal for now?

- when I use the flightfactor aero b757-200, in HDR mode it's rendered in a small window in the left lower corner of the normal Sim window. This doesn't make it unusable, because the click regions are still there where it is not rendered, but it makes using the map impossible even on the desktop as it becomes too small, and also using XP menus, including the B757 menu impossible. I know this is a pretty specific problem, which is addon related, so it might stay forever, but still, maybe there is a solution. My other problem is not addon related, there are no windows in VR for me at all even when not using any addons.
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Re: No windows in VR and B752 behavior

Postby Flexmanta » Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:37 pm

I'm having the same problem.
I just wrote about it on the flight factor forums to see if we can find out what causes this problem. It's important for me that I can start using the 757 seriously as soon as possible and without HDR, Xplane in flyinside is almost no-go.

Summing up:
-With HDR on, the view renders in a small rectangle. The 757 smartphone for configs doesn't show in VR but it shows on the application window and is unclickable. Also, the xplane config menu is unusable.
-With HDR off, the view renders normally, but the smartphone is unusable and the cockpit displays are too dark to be called "instruments".ç

I hope we can solve this problem soon.
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