Problem flying XP11 rc1 with FI (non steam)

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Problem flying XP11 rc1 with FI (non steam)

Postby dawareg » Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:17 am

I haven`t been able to fly with xp11 yet !
The problem is that at startup it places me direct into
the cockpit then throws me out to the FI menu and back
to the cockpit and back to the menu, enzv. Every time
that happens my monitor go`s black and show`s " no signal "
I only get the "waiting for simulator" button.
I found that if i put the "visuals effect" slider (xp11) all the way back
to minimal i get the "enter simulator" button alive ! but the
cockpit and surroundings becomes very dark.It allows me to
stay longer in the cockpit but as soon i turn my head or mouse
a bit to suddenly it throws me back into the menu and back into the cockpit enzv.
Above mentioned problems are still existing.
Flying XP10 with FI is flawless and still is !
So if anyone got a idea or solution to tackle this problem........................
I realy wanna fly and explore XP11 in my virtual cockpit cant go
back to a flatscreen.No way :-)
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Re: Problem flying XP11 rc1 with FI (non steam)

Postby Tony » Tue Apr 04, 2017 2:25 pm

Hi mate, keep all the eye candy low, then increase the HDR to one below max then you should be ok. Keep adding bits and bobs until you get it to somewhere that you are happy with :)
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